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The unique advantages Ashtanga Yoga can offer

Ashtanga Yoga is a rewarding process that produces great advantages for both the body and mind. It is an evolving practice– continuously improving and conforming to meet the needs of men and women of all ages and abilities. This post summarises the different aspects that make this method such a distinct one.

Out of all the yoga practices in the world, Ashtanga is the only one that places a stress on self practice. Most Ashtanga yoga is performed in the Mysore style, which are based around the idea of self practice classes. While it is much easier to teach guided lessons, Ashtanga tends to be the most satisfying. One explanation for this is because self practice is the only way to become undeniably meditative in an Asana practice. Most other types of yoga (like Vinyasa yoga, Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga, etc) forsake self-practice – only Ashtanga leads in the direction of self-empowerment, rather than being led.

Yet another element that makes Ashtanga Yoga exceptional is that its practice can lead to speedier physical results, compared to other practices. Because Ashtanga yoga manages a symmetry between flexibility and strength, it has the potential to completely transform the total body (presuming a practice of at least five times weekly). Keep an eye on the final results with care – just because you are physically flexible doesn’t make you emotionally so! Keep your focus!

Irrespective of its many positives, Ashtanga yoga is not a flawless practice. For instance, conventional Ashtanga mentors do not explain precise methods. Advice on ways to properly align or sit in perfect posture forms simply does not exist in this method of practice. Due to this, lots of Ashtanga enthusiasts remain inaccessible from minor improvement particulars that could lead to huge improvement. Alternatively, a big reward arising from the shortage of complex advice is that it can lead to a greater degree of experiential understanding. In other words, you can get out of your head, enter into the flow and just absorb the activity directly without excessive external stimuli clouding the process.

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