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Red Flags on General Practitioners (GPs) You should Avoid

You go to the doctor because you need medical attention and treatment. However, there are doctors in Brisbane or in some other places who are not doing their job well. These are GP doctors you should avoid, and there are red flags that you can watch out to identify them. You can also see these as signs to help you find the right Brisbane GP to visit.

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What Are the Red Flags You Should Watch Out on GPs?

It’s truly understandable if you worry about having the best and right treatment for your health concerns. Needless to say, you can have assurance once you’re going face to face with a reliable GP. Fortunately, there are red flags that you can watch out for right at your first visit to a new doctor; either in a small clinic or in a major medical centre Brisbane has.

When He Is Not Listening to You

This is one of the biggest red flags you should be careful with. When you notice the doctor being inattentive, seemingly passive, or not easily picking up the important details you say, that GP is probably not listening to you. It could be that he’s lost in his own thoughts or simply doesn’t have enough patience to absorb your info.

When He Seems to Be in a Hurry

The best Brisbane GP would always take his time attending to his patients’ needs. If you notice the doctor is always in a rush, he will probably miss important details about your problem. He might also give you the wrong solutions and prescriptions, which don’t work and could even be dangerous to your health.

When He Is Showing an “All-Knowing” Attitude

Though it is important that the doctor knows what he is doing, there are doctors that always assert that they are right. As a result, they could provide wrong prescriptions in the end.

The best doctors always accept their fault or acknowledge clarifications from other people, which include their patients. Like the doctors of George Street Medical Practice, for instance, they would modify their findings when they observe new updates about a certain case.

When He Makes Patients Wait for a Long Time

The standard check-up procedure in clinics goes up to 15 minutes. However, it could go beyond such time on special cases. Thing is, if a doctor constantly makes patients in line wait for a long time, that’s a clear sign of unprofessionalism.

These are few red flags you should watch out on a Brisbane GP or some other doctors in different places. If you notice such negative signs on your check-up, consider looking for a better GP you can visit. Make sure to find one who many patients trust as well. Although it’s a hassle to find another doctor, it is even a bigger problem when you got wrong treatments because of medical malpractice.

Thus, you should look for reliable doctors in Brisbane that you can trust. If you want Brisbane CBD bulk billing doctors, you can check out This can let you have a professional GP to treat you, whilst giving you a good chance of taking advantage of the bulk-billing programme.